Adopt organic farming for sustainable agriculture growth: Vandana Shiva

Organic farming is needed for sustainable and natural growth of agriculture in the future rather than going for genetic modified (GM) technology, renowned environmentalist Vandana Shiva said on Saturday.

“Organic farming, in a way, fulfils every one of the principles of Gross National Happiness. It respects cultural values and promotes protection of the natural environment, whereas genetic modified crops destroy the natural web of life, threaten biodiversity and the environment, and are a scourge for human health and society.”

Dr. Shiva was speaking at the Shriram Memorial Lecture organised by the PHD chambers here. Terming GM crops as a threat to the country’s biodiversity, she said: “Organic farming promotes biodiversity in the ecosystem unlike GM crops, which tamper with the system.”

“Biodiversity today is the fruit of billions of years of evolution, shaped by natural processes and increasing by the influence of humans. Ecosystems are incredibly productive and efficient when there is sufficient biodiversity,” she said.

Sharing her views, Usha International co-chairman Siddharth Shriram said: “Valuing biodiversity is vital to changing the way we view this important resource. Because we have received the benefits of biodiversity for free, we take it for granted. The costs of conserving biodiversity are massively outweighed by the benefits.”

“Ecosystems are incredibly productive and efficient when there is sufficient biodiversity. It is believed that the richer the diversity of life, the greater the opportunity for medical discoveries, economic development, and adaptive responses to new challenges,” PHD Chamber president Suman Jyoti Khaitan added. — PTI

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